New Blender Technologies

When you think about something like a blender, you would assume that it has been made the same way for the past 15 or 20 years. And it is understandable that you would have that notion. Blenders have one or two functions, and the blades often look the same to someone who has not studied them or used them. But what we see is not always the reality.

Fluidizers and New Blender Technologies

Among the changes that we have seen to blenders is the advent of the Fluidizer Blender. It is a type of blender that is quite different from the ribbon blenders that are most commonly seen in the industrial, commercial and retail part of the American economy. However, there are so many reasons why this type of blender gives a better result.

Why Are Fluidizers Better Blenders?

The reason why you are going to see better results with such a blender is because of the way that the blades are set up. These are very short blades, as compared to the longer ones that we see in ribbon blenders. And they are also very close together, and angled, which means that you are going to get a much faster and more even blend.

Industries Need Quality Blending Equipment

Think about any restaurant or service-industry location that uses blenders on a commercial or industrial level. When these places are blending items, they are not using the same blenders that you would use at home.

With such high volume, the need for uniform and quick blending is even more important. That is why these new types of blenders present such a great opportunity for companies and small businesses. They could help revolutionize how quickly and evenly different types of food products are blended. And eventually, we may see such tech reaching consumer blenders too.